Thursday, January 27, 2011

Etsy Art

I've been looking at different art websites, Hobby Lobby, and Michael's for some cute prints for the playroom and kitchen.  The only place I can find anything that I remotely like is Etsy.  And they are so cheap.  Here are two of my favorites I discovered at the Dallas Etsy Handmade Bash:


Paperfingers is a husband & wife team that is expecting triplets.  They make prints with every letter of the alphabet.  Love their fonts and colors.  The letter prints are on sale for only $15.  I'm ordering mine tonight.  


I bought some stationary from Oh Louise! at the Esty bash and love it.  She will let you customize any of the colors on her stationary or prints.  I think I need the wine print for my kitchen.  She has another cute one that says, "you had me at merlot".  Need that one too.

It was in the 30's today and warm enough to play outside without hats and mittens.  We were able to drag the big wheels out of the driveway and actually take them for a spin.

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  1. I have been looking at Etsy prints for L's big girl room. I will check these two out! Love it! Can't wait to get to KS and see the new digs.