Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New House, New Furniture

Before we moved to Kansas, my friend Peyton took me under her wing and showed me the art of spray painting furniture.  She actually spray paints everything from picture frames to ceiling fan blades.  She's my interior decorating idol.  I tackled a few projects of my own last week while it was above freezing.

I bought this table at the Salvation Army for $24.

Then I bought some Kilz spray primer and Krylon paint in ivory and ended up with this:

Peyton also taught me that you can remove the hardware and spray it too.  I used Krylon Champagne Nouveau on the hardware.  Then I put Mod Podge in the bottom of the drawer and lined it with scrapbook paper.

I also picked up this desk from the Salvation Army for $24.  Steve thought I was crazy when I brought it home.  

I used a color called Caramel Latte and this is what I got:

 It looks really shiny in the picture because of the flash, I think.  It's a little more muted in person.

As soon as I paint and recover the chair that goes with it, I'll post pictures.

It stopped snowing this morning and is 9 degrees outside.  The boys and I were out this morning, but only lasted 30 minutes.

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