Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rock Chalk Pancakes and Jayhawks

Early bird Landon woke up this morning and demanded pancakes for breakfast.  I think Grammy and Aunt Jenn spoiled him by making them so much over Christmas.  After I agreed to make pancakes, he asked me to make them in the shape of different cars.  I can do a heart, I can do Mickey Mouse, but I can't mold a pancake in the shape of a car.  I had an idea (inspired by W-S's pancake molds) and pulled out some cookie cutters.  I greased them up really well, set them in the skillet, and then poured just a 1/2" of pancake batter into them.  I left them there for about two minutes and then gently eased the cookie cutter up and off.  Then flip for another two minutes on the other side.  It was so easy and the boys loved it.  Clearly I need some more cookie cutters since most of them are Christmas shapes.

My sous-chef:

That one on top is a basketball player shooting a basket.  Had to include this one in honor of the horns playing the jayhawks today.

 Landon looks like he was in the middle of an intense conversation.

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  1. You know I am always trying to win them over with treats! Miss you guys!