Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Pretzel Container

Here at the Hahn house, we go through many containers of pretzels.  Rather than tossing the containers, I save most of them for toy storage.  But they still look like empty pretzel tubs.  So ... while I was at Hobby Lobby last week, I saw a cute framed piece of stenciled burlap.  And that got me thinking....

I took my empty pretzel container (or you could use a pickle jar, jelly jar, etc...):

And I bought a 1/2 yard of burlap, which I think was $3.99/yard and this stencil fabric paint which was $4.99:

I measured my container and cut my burlap.  Cut a little extra so the burlap overlaps a little.

 Then I took my stencil and taped it to the burlap.  If you use the spray fabric paint, you will want to cover all the areas around the stencil or they will end up covered in paint.

Fill in your stencil.  The spray paint really was a hot mess.  It went everywhere.  

But I was happy with the result:

Then I covered the pretzel container with Mod Podge and wrapped the burlap around it.  

I'm using this one to store craft feathers.  Doesn't everyone need a container for that?

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