Friday, February 25, 2011

Blue Room

I finished painting H & L's room yesterday.  I was inspired by a picture I found at Sherwin Williams that was similar to this:

I knew I wanted to use two different shades of blue, similar to ones in this photo.  I also was dreaming that someone would come in and put up a chair rail in their room.  WikiHow even has a tutorial on how to do it.  Seems easy enough.  But I knew I would need help and my handyman is too tied up with work.  So I came up with another option.

Wednesday afternoon I put up tape to separate the walls and create a line for a white stripe.

I painted two large squares on this wall and let my two little assistants go to work.  I told them to just paint within the square.  It was kind of a mess, but they had fun.  You can see some of their work below.

Top and bottom painted, tape peeled off.  I let this dry Wednesday night.  

Thursday I came back and taped off the area I was going to paint white.

This is my favorite part ... the satisfaction of a straight line.  I find it's easiest to take the tape off while everything is still wet.  If there are any drips, they're still wet and you can usually wipe them off with a rag.  

I used Sherwin Williams Atmospheric on the top and Vast Sky on the bottom.  


  1. I love the paint, and that white stripe is fantastic. Do they have flat walls (no texture) in Lawrence? I wish Texas did that, it makes taping lines so easy. Oh and I might love the window casing a tiny bit more than anything else in the jealous.

  2. Looks great. Those are relaxing blues.

  3. OMG, love it, you are so crafty little mama!

  4. I ended up buying 16 samples of sherwin williams paint and just could not find the right pair of blues. tried this color combination and it worked perfectly for my son's nautical themed room.