Saturday, February 12, 2011

From Costco to a Puppet Show

Since we have been hit with so much snow lately, I have not had the chance to make another trip to Missouri to visit their Costco.  This is very important because the only place that sells wine and good beer here in Kansas is liquor stores.  They don't sell it at the grocery store, Target, or even World Market.  And it tends to be a little overpriced at the liquor store.  The Costco in KC, MO has the best wine selection and they even sell liquor.  I was going to take the boys yesterday, but our entire street was still covered in snow and ice.  Instead of driving to MO, I took them to the library.  

After reading 80 Curious George books (This is George, he is a good little monkey and always very curious...), the boys decided to put on a puppet show.  Please excuse the photos, they were taken with my phone.

They had so much fun and then made me get behind the curtain.  I started to draw a small crowd and put on the best show I could.  I'll be honest, I'm a terrible puppeteer.  Kids started wandering off looking for their parents after a couple of minutes.  After the library, I took them to Lawrence's finest restaurant.

Doesn't Hud's cheeseburger look good? 

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  1. I love seeing what y'all have been up to. Tucker asked again if you could meet us at the train park. I said no baby, they live too far away now. He said "no mommy, I said MEET us there." Still not getting it.