Thursday, February 24, 2011

H is for Hudson and L is for Landon

We had some excitement here in the Hahn house Tuesday night.  It was not a big party in honor of my birthday ... it was yet another trip to the ER to get a head stitched up.  The boys were chasing each other around the basement and Landon gave Hudson a big push into a bookshelf.  Poor Hud ended up with a 2" gash on his forehead.  I had to look up directions to the ER (so much for being a prepared mom) and call Steve to meet us there.  Three hours later we left the hospital with two stitches and two tired kids.  Hudson is doing great and his stitches will come out Sunday.

The following project is dedicated to my two little daredevils.  I decorated their room about a year ago using Riley Blake's Wheels fabric.

Their new room has more wall space than the old one, so I decided to add an H & L to their walls.  There are some really great things you can do with wood letters.

I found this on a blog.  I like the idea of the framed monogram.

I love the alphabet wall, but don't have the patience to collect all the letters.  My friend Kylie did one in her playroom and it's adorable.  

And check out my friend Katie's letters that she sells at The Polka Dot Pig.  They are super cute.

I decided to craft my own and bought the big gold letters from Hobby Lobby.  If you have visited Hobby Lobby in the past two years, you have probably seen them.  I also found some Riley Blake scrapbook paper that closely coordinated with their bedding.

I sprayed painted both letters white:

Then I turned the letter over and traced it on the wrong side of the scrapbook paper.  

Since the letter was larger than my paper, I had to use two different pieces of paper.  In hindsight, I should have/could have used wrapping paper.  I covered my letter in Mod Podge and put the cut paper on the letter.  The letter was not flat and I ended up cutting some interesting shapes to get it to fit.  I would recommend using a flat wooden letter.    

I gave the Mod Podge 30 minutes to dry and then put a layer of MP on top of the scrapbook paper.  I ended up adding two more layers after that (wait 10 - 15 minutes between each layer).  

After hanging the letters on their walls, I realized they needed something else.  PBK featured a room a while back with framed single letters.  I went back to Hobby Lobby and bought two unfinished open back frames.  They were $18.00 and half off.  I primed them and sprayed them Krylon's Leather Brown and hung them on the wall over the letters.  Here is the finished result:

I'm going to paint their room today so it will look a little more interesting in 24 hours.  


  1. Soooooo cute! If it's not framed it's crap is my motto. Can't wait to see the new room color...what a good mommy you are. I thought we'd get pics of Hudson's gash, hope it heals up well. Have I ever sung the praises of Aquaphor to you? I love it. It's healing ointment without any medicine. When you are past the injury part it helps to keep cuts moist and to heal nicely. It's on the lotion isle, you may already know all of this. Bye!

  2. Love all of these projects! So sweet of you to list me on your site!! I gave you a little shout out too ;)