Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mantel Musings

We have been in our house for over a month and our fireplace mantel remains stark.  Well, there is one lonely candle on it.  I needed some mental mantel inspiration.  

I love this one, but it's a little overcrowded for my taste:

Love the symmetry of this one:

A little too crowded, but like the idea of layering framed pictures:

These just look so clean and polished: 

Like the simplicity of this one: 

Our living room isn't that big and I think a mirror will help open up the space.  Rather than buying a new one, I'm going to attempt to make one.  We have a Habitat ReStore in Lawrence.  If you haven't visited one, they're like a Home Depot resale shop.  You can get any size mirror for less than $5.  They also have all kinds of hardware, plywood, doors, etc.  It's an interesting place.  Here's a link to their locations: Habitat ReStore

I found this tutorial for framing a mirror on Martha Stewart: Mirror Framing Tutorial  You can buy any kind of molding or chair rail at Home Depot, have them cut it to your measurements and then attach with wood glue.  It sounds easy and cheap enough, doesn't it?  

Habitat ReStore also carries window sashes.  All sizes are $5.  If the mirror project falls through, a window sash on the mantel is my backup plan.

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