Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Friends and Old Drapes

We spent our Sunday evening with some new friends in Topeka.  They generously offered to make dinner and we brought wine and dessert.  I attempted the Eighteen25 cookies on Sunday.  I used Dove milk and dark chocolate--so the dark chocolate ones are sort of healthy, right?

Our hosts served an appetizer I've never tried before.  She took a brick of cream cheese and poured half a jar of raspberry chipotle sauce on top, then a can of rinsed and drained black beans.  She also added some chopped scallions on top and served with Wheat Thins.  It was pretty tasty!  Along with our cookies, she also served vanilla ice cream with cinnamon and raspberries on top.  I never thought of that combination, but it was really good.

I also finished the boys' drapes on Sunday.  I really wanted to use their old drapes, but they were too short.  I ordered a yard of a different fabric print in the same fabric family (Riley Blake's Wheels) and sewed it to the bottom of each panel.  I also bought drapery rings (their original drapes were rod pocket) to add a few extra inches.  Please ignore the giant house in the background of the picture.  

More pictures of their room to come....

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  1. Want the cookies and the new chair. Love what you did with the drapes and think the other chair could go anywhere. Maybe the guest room corner or by the bed to set things/suitcases on. So glad y'all are making new friends, although not a bit surprised.