Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Painting Projects

The boys have been asking for piggy banks for the past couple of weeks.  They are really into carrying around change.  I even found a pile of change next to Landon in his bed last night.  Today I picked up two race car piggy banks.  They went to town painting them.

While they painted, I worked on my semi-homemade coat rack.  Hobby Lobby is keeping up with the typography trend and has some cute hooks with a number stenciled on them.  They were half off, so I paid $2.50 for each.  I also picked up a piece of wood to paint and mount them to.  It was around $6.  

I primed and spray painted the wood white.  When it was dry, I distressed the edges with fine sandpaper.  I have not had much luck achieving the distressed look by applying stain afterward.  However, this time around I used a stain pen and just traced the outline of the wood.  Then I rubbed it in with a paper towel.  I think the stain pen tip gave me better control than a paintbrush dipped in stain.  Here's how it turned out:

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