Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Anthropologie Letters

I love Anthropologie.  I love everything in the store.  But I don't always love their prices.  I came across this easy tutorial to make these Zinc Letters from Anthropologie.
The tutorial can be found on one of my favorite blogs, Isabella & Max Rooms.  This gal is crafty and so talented.  She took these paper mache letters and transformed them into the Zinc Letters.

You can pick up paper mache letters at Joann's.  I used a 12" letter that cost $3.99.  Click here for Janell's tutorial.  Here is my finished letter:

Janell recommends using black primer first (I used black spray paint), then a metallic acrylic (I used Folk Art Metallic Gunmetal Gray), and then add in a rust color (I used Joann Essentials Barn Red).  

It's cheap, easy, and so fast.  After your primer or spray paint dries, the rest of the project goes really quickly.  The acrylic paint dries in minutes and you can apply your other coats of paint immediately.  

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