Thursday, March 17, 2011

Update a Bed Skirt or Dust Ruffle

Thanks for all of your comments and emails on the crazy car that ended up in our backyard.  I guess we were wrong about Lawrence being a quiet little town!

Now that things have calmed down around here, I have another project to share.  A few weeks ago I bought new bedding for my guest bedroom and needed a bed skirt to match.  I shopped a little online and then decided to give my current bed skirt a makeover.

I started with a basic bed skirt that I have owned for at least five years.  It had three blue lines of embroidery on it (the damask in the background is my ironing board).  I decided to cover the blue lines with grosgrain ribbon.  You can also add ribbon or trim to a plain bed skirt.

You will need to measure your bedskirt before you begin this project.  For a queen size bed skirt, I used 3 four yard rolls of ribbon.  My bed skirt had three separate pieces of fabric.  Two long pieces on either side of the bed and then the piece of fabric at the bottom of the bed.  If your bed skirt is one continuous piece, you will ideally want to use a piece of ribbon that will go all the way around your bed skirt.  If you can't find a roll of ribbon or trim that long, you might have to connect the ribbons at some point on your bed skirt.  Keep that in mind and try to connect them at a place where it is not obvious.  And if you use a patterned ribbon, you will need to match up the patterns once you run out of ribbon on one roll.

I used this ribbon from Hobby Lobby:


If you choose to sew the ribbon to the bed skirt, skip down to the next step.  If you do not sew, you can use Heat'nBond iron-on adhesive tape.  You can find it at Joann's or Hobby Lobby.  It is supposed to hold fabric and ribbon and will withstand multiple washings.  If you use Heat'nBond, follow the instructions on the package.  

If you choose to sew your ribbon, first fold over and iron the end of the ribbon at the start of your bedskirt. 

Then pin the ribbon in place.  When you get to the end of the bed skirt, fold the ribbon over and iron in place again.  

Now sew the ribbon to the bed skirt with a 1/4" inseam on both sides of the ribbon.  Or, iron the ribbon to your bed skirt using Heat'nBond.

That's all there is to it.  This is how my bed skirt looked once it was back on the bed:

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