Monday, March 7, 2011

We Love Carbs

The Hahns love carbs.  I think that was pretty evident by my post about the pretzel tubs.  Because of our love of carbs, we have added a new family member.  Allow me to introduce you:

He came from Craigslist.  So far he has been used a few times ... we'll see how long that lasts.  Does it look like we live in a warehouse?  That's our unfinished basement in the background.

Speaking of pretzels ... I found some large pretzel tubs at World Market.  The pretzels didn't last long.  I'm using the empty tubs for toy storage.

I made this using scrap fabric and Mod Podge.  I talked about making these in this post.  I used cotton fabric instead of burlap and added some embroidery.  

To keep it neat, fold and iron the top and bottom of the fabric in 1/4".  Then fold and iron one of the sides.  When you wrap it around your tub, it will look much neater and you won't have any loose threads hanging off.  

They fit perfectly in this Target bookshelf.  

Since this post is about carbs, I should also mention that we tried out Sweet Paul's recipe for Strawberry Milkshakes this weekend.  The boys loved them. 

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