Monday, April 25, 2011

Cupcake Alternative

We don't have warm weather in Kansas quite yet, but we are doing everything we can to pretend like we do.  Our winter clothes are put away and we planted a vegetable garden last week.  Since most of our friends in Texas are experiencing temperatures in the 90's already, this post is for you.

I found these pre-made mini ice cream cones in a gourmet grocery store in Sydney.  The ones with the colored tops are filled with gelato and the chocolate ones are filled with ice cream.  Each cone was no more than five inches tall.  They were so cute!  These would be great to serve at birthday parties in lieu of cake or cupcakes.

I attempted to make my own version at home.  Here are the supplies I gathered:

I found the mini cones at Target and decided to use mini Oreos, sprinkles, and leftover Easter candy as toppings.

You can't tell from the picture, but these cones stand 2" tall.  

I bagged my toppings and used a meat tenderizer to crush them into tiny pieces.

Oreos and Robin Eggs 

If you try this at home, be sure to pull your ice cream right out of the freezer before assembling your cones.  If the ice cream is the least bit melty, it will drip into the bottom of the cones and make the cones soggy. 

First put a small scoop of ice cream on the top of your cone, then cover it with magic shell.  I found it was easier and neater to turn the cone on its side and do this over the sink.  I didn't have any one else around over the age of 4 to take a picture of me doing that way.

Now you have to move fast.  Before your magic shell dries, put your topping on it.  Sprinkles are easy, but with M&Ms and Oreos, you have to pat them down into the chocolate to make them stay put.  As soon as you have one cone made, put it in the freezer and move on to the next one.  
Here's the finished result:

Can you tell the Oreo cone was my first one to try?  You might need a few practice runs first.  These will keep in the freezer for up to eight hours.  

That is Hudson doing his surprise face.

The cones are a little messy, but so worth it.  


  1. Love how you decorated these! They look super tasty!

  2. Found you through CSI, love the cones! I'll hafta try!!