Monday, May 9, 2011

Bookshelf into Closet Storage

 We have a good sized closet, but it's all hanging space.  I wanted storage for stacking jeans, hats, and tops.  I found this sad looking bookshelf at a garage sale in February.  

I didn't get around to painting it until March because it was -20 outside, or at least it felt like it was that cold.  When it finally warmed up, I sprayed the entire bookshelf with Kilz primer and sprayed the exterior and shelves with Krylon Semi-Gloss White and painted the back of the bookshelf with what I thought was gray.  As it turns out, when a paint color has the word gray in the name, don't expect it to be that color.  I used Martha Stewart's Sharkey Gray--which is actually more of a taupe color.

The paint bled under the tape a little so I decided to "shanty" it up (as the S2S girls would say).  Using fine grade sandpaper, I distressed the edges and distressed around the Sharkey Gray paint.  It made my paint mistake look more intentional.

Here it is in the closet:

Steve came home from work and saw it parked next to his dresser in the closet.  It was quickly moved to my side of the closet and now resides behind the closet door.  I'm just happy to finally have everything where I can see it and not stuffed in a drawer in my bedroom.  Oh, and it won't look this organized for long.  I give it a month.  Steve gives it a week.  

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  1. Loooove. I can't wait to copy all of your projects when I move to my new, ugly house. You are soooo good!!!! I want pretty shelves in my closet with jewlery on top. And 7 for all mankind jeans...and joe's jeans, those look good on everyone. I might need some hats too, although I am not nearly cool enough to wear them.