Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spring Projects

It's starting to feel like spring here and I have a few spring projects on  my radar.  Here are a few things I'm interested in tackling this season:

Why not bling out some flower pots?  The gemstones in the picture are made by baking clay in a gemstone mold.  

I'm hosting a baby shower this month and thought these globes would make great decorations.  These are made from recycled paper.

I also want to craft a banner similar to this one for the shower:

And then I'll add some tissue paper pom-poms.   Here's a shot of some in the window of a store in Sydney.  

Click here for a how-to on tissue paper pom poms.  My sister-in-law introduced these to me last year.  They are a great addition to any party.

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