Monday, June 6, 2011

Candle Tray

While enjoying a beer on the screened porch last night, my husband decided to add his own special touch to it.  This is what I found sitting out there this morning:

An old candle on top of a square of cardboard.  When I asked about the candle, he said we needed a tray or something to go under it.  I couldn't agree more.  The candle tray I wanted is at West Elm.  I love these.  They used to sell them in a square shape.

We no longer live anywhere near a West Elm and I don't want to pay $5 shipping for a $6.99 candle tray.  So I made my own.  I rummaged around in our basement and found a stack of tile that they used for our master bathroom.  It's a 6"x6" square.  I'm sure you can pick some up at Home Depot for less than $1.

I set both pieces on top of a small cardboard box so I would be able to spray the sides easily.

They got a thin coat of Kilz spray primer. 

And a few minutes later I sprayed them with black spray paint.  For a slate look I should have used flat black--but all I had was gloss.  Oh well.  I was going for free here.

My friend Peyton gave me the cutest set of candles before we moved.  I have one in my bathroom and have been looking for a spot for the other.  He finally has a home on the porch on a new candle tray.

In case you want to make a similar candle - it looks like she hot glued the dot ribbon to the candle, then strung the jewel through the sheer ribbon and tied it to the back.  Hopefully she will comment and correct me if I'm wrong.

These pillows are my next project.  One down, four to go.

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  1. Exactly what I mean, Julie. Makes me want to do this cool stuff myself. Can you please come to Frisco and shabby chic up my boring house?!