Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Austin Part I

We just returned from our trip to Austin.  We had so much fun hanging out with our family and squeezing in a few short visits with some friends.  It was just the boys, me, two DVD players, two books on CD and I-35.  We spent the first few days at my parent's lake place and the rest of the week at my brother's house in Austin.  Here's a photo-recap of our first few days there:

The lake was really low when we were there.  You can see the little structure that look likes a tiny shack toward the bottom left side of the picture.  That's a dock and there is usually water under it.

We saw plenty of deer and lots of little fawns running around.  They were so cute!

We saw lots of these guys too.   

Hudson got some help feeding one of the longhorns.

We also fed Marshmallow, the neighborhood donkey.

And you know we had some Mexican food!!

On a separate note, I found tissue paper pom poms at Hancock's last week.  They are the same ones Martha shows you how to make on her site, but they are already made for you.  There are 8 in the package ... so for $12.99 it doesn't seem like that bad of a deal.

More Austin pictures in my next post!

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