Monday, September 12, 2011

The Weekend

We had another great weekend here in Lawrence.  The boys played in their second soccer game and Steve played in his 3,452 soccer game.

Hudson going in for a goal.

Airplane arms after scoring the first goal of the game.

H & L each scored 4 goals in the game.  It was a proud moment for this mama.    

That's Steve in the middle with the ball at his game.  He scored a goal too. 

Steve I went to an event Saturday night and the boys favorite babysitter watched them.  She works for a scrapbook company and brought all of these for them to play with.  There were so many squeals of joy when she dumped them out on the table.  Not just from the boys ... I squealed too.

This is one of my latest projects.  I found something similar on Pinterest and copied it.  It's just fabric glued to the picture frame and a white letter glued on top of the fabric.  So easy and so cheap!

These are my last set of drapes to sew for this house.  You might recognize the pattern from the ones in the Bachelor Pad.  Or you might have a life and not know what I'm talking about.  

Finally, one of my best childhood friends is having brain surgery to remove a tumor today.  She's 34 and has a newborn baby.  Life is not fair.  But, she's one of the strongest girls I know.  She will pull through and be stronger than ever after this.  If you have room in your prayers, please say one for her.  

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  1. Prayers for your friend are on the way.
    I love the H letter, very good and simple enough I could probably even pull that off. I also personally love the comment about it being Steve's 2,350 soccer game. Girl, I feel ya.