Monday, October 24, 2011

One Week Until Halloween!

Last Halloween was the first year the boys actually understood trick-or-treating.  Knock on a door, say "trick-or-treat", get candy, and repeat.  They are so excited about their costumes (I'll post pictures next week) and getting candy.  They were also excited that our new neighborhood has a tradition that was celebrated in our old neighborhood.  Last week we were booed!

We came home from school to find this on our front porch:

Can you see that the Hot Tamale box is open?  I couldn't resist.  

I don't know who was more excited about being booed, me or the boys.  We went to Target the next day and picked up some treats to leave on two other porches in the neighborhood:

We also had our last soccer game of the season last week.  It's getting cold here and the boys will start indoor soccer in November.  Here are some pics from their last game:

The boys had a great season and each scored in every single game.  I couldn't be more proud of them!

Somebody else also played in a game over the weekend:

Steve is in the middle of the picture with the red shirt.  Can you see the ball in the air?  That just bounced off of his head.  Pretty impressive!  

Happy Halloween!  

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  1. I was starting to think you were a real blog slacker but apparently when it rains it pours at HahnHaus! Love everything you post, the bench is sooo great and itsn't booing the best idea ever?!