Monday, January 30, 2012

Do You Like Money?

I like money.  I like earning it, receiving it as a gift, and finding it in pockets when I do the laundry.  Since I've been posting about some frivolous things I buy lately, I'll share with you how I find the money to buy those things.

1. Ebates - If you frequently shop online, it's a great way to put some cash back into your pocket.  Go to their site, plug in your email address and a password, click thru to the site you want to shop at and buy something.  You will automatically start to receive cash back.  You can receive a check every three months in the mail or they will put the money in your Paypal account.  It's a small amount, 1% for airline tickets or up to 6% or more at the Gap--but it adds up over time.

2. Sell Your Stuff - I'm an emotional shopper and frequently buy things I don't need/want/like.  Or I'm at Target and just throw the $5 tank top in my basket because it looks cute on the hanger.  Twice a year I go through those mistakes in my closet and sell them.

Ebay - Anything I have that still has the tags on it or is a designer brand goes on Ebay.  I don't bother selling Banana, J Crew, or Gap on Ebay ... unless the tags are still attached.  It's just not worth the time.

Plato's Closet - I used to think that Plato's Closet would not think my clothes were cool enough and that they would probably only give me $5 for a huge bag of clothes.  Boy was I wrong.  This is the place to take those Target and Forever 21 purchases that no longer fit after washing them once.  I took a sack load of Target, Forever 21, and Old Navy clothes in today and walked away with $50 cash.  Call ahead before you take your clothes to make sure they're currently buying clothes.  They prefer you bring in your clothes folded in a laundry basket and they accept clothes for all seasons.

Clothes Mentor - This is another place that will pay you cash on the spot for your clothes.  This is where you should take work clothes you no longer wear--Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Loft, etc.  It's a different customer, but they follow the same rules at Plato's Closet.  They also want clothes folded in a laundry basket and will accept clothes for all seasons.  I took a full laundry basket before we moved and left with $95.  Not a bad haul for clothes I'll never wear again.

3. Don't pay for shipping - This isn't a way to put cash in your wallet, but it will save you money.  Before I order anything I visit Retail Me Not or just google the website name and free shipping code.  If there isn't a free shipping code, you might at least come across a discount code.

4. Free Stuff & Coupons - I don't clip coupons as often as I should.  But when I do, I usually go to  Target's website.  They have their own coupons you can combine with manufacturers coupons.  I also use and some couponing blogs like

5. Other ways I have tried to save money -

Bottled water - I stopped buying bottled water and just drink out of reusable water bottles and plastic cups.

Replace plastic bags you send to school with a reusable lunch cube.  I found these at the Container Store and send them to school in the boys' lunch boxes.

Visit the Library - The boys and I have been checking out books from the library instead of buying them.  Not only is this a money saver, but it saves me from putting yet another novel on our already crammed bookshelf.  And I'm sure you know that at most libraries you can reserve books online and they will email you when the book is available.

Tonight I'm going to the opening of a casino in Kansas City.  I plan on taking my Plato's Closet money straight to the slots!

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