Friday, February 3, 2012

No Sew Boot Socks

I was going to create a tutorial on no sew/no knit boot socks today.  When I was looking for pictures of boot socks online, I ran across the same idea on another blog.  And I thought my idea was so original.  It turns out that it's not original at all, but I'm posting it anyway.

You have seen these boot socks pop on Pinterest or at the store, no?

I think they're really cute, but can't imagine stuffing my jeans into a pair of socks.  I came up with a boot sock alternative that still has the look of a boot sock.  I took an old sweater, cut the sleeves off, and pulled them up over my jeans.  Then I put on my boots and voila--boot socks!

The sweater I used was really thin, which is helpful if your boots are tight.  I think it would also be cute to use the sleeves from a waffle knit tee or a long sleeve striped tee.  If you don't have a sweater or shirt sitting around your house, Goodwill has plenty of candidates.  I even thought about using one of the boys stained sweaters.  As long as the sleeve is stretch, it should work.  

P.S. - Jason Wu's collection for Target hits stores this Sunday.  I'm not sure about the little socks on the girls on the right or left--but love the outfit in the center.  


  1. I knew my daughter was stylish...Of course my legs are far to fat to pull of most of these looks but I can put my skinny daughter in them. I was dressing Landry the other day and she pulled her socks up over her skinny jeggins and above her boot. I left it bc I knew it was in and looked cute. Trey saw it and asked what the heck was going on with her socks. I told him to take his COLA shirts and bug off...we know what's in not him!

  2. I stole your idea and used a tan colored sweater that was, well, in all honesty probably a size too small for me. Now it's boots socks!