Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Web Wednesday

Shopping online is one of my favorite pastimes--even if I don't buy anything.  I just love to look.  I ordered my first item online in 1998 and have been in love with online shopping ever since.  Here are some things I've seen recently on the world wide web that probably sit in my abandoned online shopping cart:

Top Left:  J Crew Bootie $198; Middle Top: Target Bootie $39.99; Middle Bottom: Nine West Bootie on sale for $59.50; Old Navy  Boyfriend jeans $34.94; Bottom Left: Tom's flats; Middle Top: Just Lena Turquoise wrap bracelet $6; Middle Bottom: Stella & Dot Wrap bracelets; Bottom Right: Tory Burch Wrap bracelets at Nordstrom $95.

And the wait really is over!  Nordstrom and Tom's announced they will be selling Tom's ballet flats as of TODAY!  What a great Valentine's Day gift to buy yourself  for someone you love!  PS - If you buy them from Tom's website, use the code sharetoms for $5 off.  

1 comment:

  1. Stop the insanity!!! It's like you've gone blog crazy!! Once a month to once a day...I am in Julie Hahn stalking heaven! Now excuse me while I go get some Toms flats, and they'd better have some sparkly ones.