Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Eating Binge

I have probably gained five pounds since I joined Pinterest last year.  Just browsing the food category makes me hungry.  I've tried several recipes and I'm going to share my feedback on all of them.  Some were really good and will become staples, some were okay, and some I won't be making again.

I made these last night for the family.  They were pretty good.  The boys scarfed theirs down and Steve asked if they were sloppy joe's.  He couldn't understand why the pork was so dark.  The main ingredient in the sauce is balsamic vinegar.  It's a very strong flavor and I thought it overpowered all the other flavors.  If I make it again, I'll either use a different barbeque sauce recipe or cut the amount of vinegar in half.  But it was very easy to make and mostly done in the crock pot.  

I love fried pickles.  LOVE THEM.  I think Razoo's makes some pretty incredible fried pickles.  The Beagle used to make a mean fried pickle too.  I've never tried to make them at home since I have a fear of having to dispose of fry grease.  But these are easy to make since you broil them in the oven.  I used Claussen dill pickle chips and they turned out so delicious.  The boys gobbled these up too.  

Chocolate Chips in Raspberries

No recipe needed for this one.  Just wash your raspberries and make sure they are really dry before stuffing them with chocolate chips.  I used Ghirardelli dark chocolate and white chocolate chips.  I added these on to a cheese tray I took to a Christmas party.  They were a big hit. 

Super delicious.  I will definitely be making these again.

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

This is now how I serve sweet potatoes to my kids every time we have them.  No recipe with this one either.  Just bake your potatoes, scoop out the inside and mix in whatever you want.  I usually do a little butter, cinnamon, and brown sugar, then put them back into the skin, top with marshmallows and broil.   

These were really good right out of the oven (after they cooled for a while), but not much after that.  Since they have cream cheese inside, I stored them in the fridge.  When we ate them the next morning, of course the cream cheese had hardened and it was just a tiny brick of cream cheese in the center.  If you heat them up before you eat them, they would probably be more palatable.  But overall a good muffin recipe, even if you take out the cream cheese in the middle. 

I took these to a dinner at a neighbor's house.  Everyone oohed and ahhed over them at first.  Then when we tried to eat them, nobody was as impressed.  Even though the chocolate was dry, they were extremely messy and hard to eat.  I won't be making them again.

I also took this recipe to a neighbor's house for dinner.  It was just meh.  I am not a fan of warm lettuce and this salad has wilted warm lettuce written all over it.  It sure does look pretty, but nobody when back for seconds.  It probably would have been better if it was just a pasta salad without the lettuce.  

These were a big hit with my husband and the kids really like them as well.  This has become a staple in our household.  

I didn't actually make these, but a neighbor brought some over a few months ago.  I'm not a big fan of zucchini, but these were actually tasty.  The kids didn't care for them though (even when I called them french fries).  She said they were easy and fast to make.

Next Best Thing to Robert Redford

The title of this desert is a little lame, but it's really tasty.  A lady I used to work with would make this for us.  It's pretty rich, but worth the calories.  For some reason the boys didn't like it, but Steve and I ate every bite of if.  

I'm trying another Pinterest recipe tonight. so we shall see how it goes!  

PS - I'm slacking off a little on the blog because I've been busy with Jill Be Nimble orders.  I just got an order from a sorority at TCU for 30 dresses.  I'm really excited about it and have had so much fun working with them on fabrics and the design.  I probably won't finish them until next month, but I'll post a pic when I do!


  1. Loooove the new food ideas...thanx for testing for all of us. Hold the phone...did you say an order for 30?! are for realz now!!! Go Julie Go!

  2. just made me sooo hungry! I have tried a couple good ones as well. Mainly crockpot meals. You know Kylie style, rich, creamy and fattening. Steve should love them. I will send them your way.

  3. So glad you did this! I have all these pinterest recipes "pinned" and I wonder how they really taste. Makes me wish you could leave feedback on your "pins". Maybe you can...haven't figured it out yet. Congrats on the large order from TCU!