Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Rock Chalk Weekend

We have been yelling Rock Chalk Jayhawk all through the month of March.  While not originally from Kansas, we have adopted KU as yet another team that we cheer for.  You just can't help it when you live here; their team spirit is just infectious.  It has been so much fun to watch them play basketball all month long and make it to the playoffs.

I had two friends come visit me this past weekend and they caught the Jayhawk spirit too.  I should mention that Steve was a trooper because he had a chance to head to New Orleans to see the game in person.  But, knowing my two friends had purchased tickets and this has been on the books for a while, he gave up his tickets.  So, what did we do in Lawrence and Kansas City last weekend?  WE ATE!

We started out at Esquina, a mediterranean restaurant in Lawrence.  

I had this delicious minty cocktail.  I'm not sure what was in it besides mint, but it was amazing.

The cheese board we devoured in minutes.

This is Rob, our bartender.  

The one green vegetable we ate all weekend.

After appetizers and drinks at Esquina, we headed next door to the Burger Stand.  It's a hole in the wall college bar with the most amazing burgers.  And they have all these condiments for your burgers and fries.  Between the three of us, we shared two burgers and duck fat fries.  If you haven't had duck fat fries yet, get them.  Go and get them now.  

Yes, that does say roasted marshmallow dip.  And yes, it goes well with duck fat fries.

This was outside the cupcake place ... naturally where we headed next. 

Saturday night we watched the game in Kansas City at a place called the Power & Light District.  It's a neat outdoor area with a huge outdoor TV where we sat and watched the game.  But first, we ate. 

This is what our table looked like after we devoured dinner.  

And I have to include a picture of Landon and his Lego Robin.  He built this all by himself looking at a little 2" plastic Robin figure.  I was blown away by his Lego skills.