Saturday, July 14, 2012

Florida Vacation

We just returned from our Florida vacation and had the best time.  We stayed in St. Petersburg for five nights.  We went to beach most days and then drove to Orlando on Sunday to visit the house of the Mouse.  Here are some pictures from our trip: 

The nice pilot invited the boys into the cockpit.  He had to remind that I should probably take a picture if I had my camera on me.  Duh.

Hudson buried in the sand

Family shot in a parking lot.  We should have staged this better, but when you're grabbing a stranger to take your picture, you really don't care what's in the background.

This sums up part of our trip.

The boys and their sand creation.

We ate at the most fantastic place one night.  Steve and I think it was one of the best meals from start to finish that we have ever had.  It was locally caught seafood, amazing wine, a banana milkshake flight with cookies for dessert.  The restaurant was called Mad Fish ... if you're ever in St. Pete's.

Every night after dinner we went back to the beach to watch the sun set. 

This was the absolute highlight of our trip.  The boys are OBSESSED with sharks right now.  We took a two hour fishing excursion with a local fisherman and both boys caught fish.  This was Hudson's Bonnethead shark.  

Landon found a seahorse off the side of the boat.

This is Landon's Atlantic Sharpnose shark.  I think Steve and I were more excited about this than the boys were.  

I caught two speckled trout that we ended up eating for lunch.  We took them to a place called Willy's that will cook your catch for $5.  They call it hook & cook.

We spent a day at the Magic Kingdom and we all had a great time.  Thanks to Kelly W. for all of the tips!  

Can you tell that we are going through a superhero phase?


  1. What a great trip! Brooks was just in St. Petersburg a few months ago! I can't wait for my boys to all be at an age to go to Disney World! Hud and Landon have gotten so big! can't wait to see y'all next weekend!

  2. I'd say that looks like the perfect vacation for your boys... all of them! Glad you were able to swing Disney and do it in a way as to not get completly beat down by that mouse. I too love the beach in the evening-I prefer to not be hot and sandy and sunscreen-y. Everyone looks wonderful, even in the parking lot.

  3. Love the pics. We can't wait to see you guys this weekend. Going to be a fun girls weekend with kiddos.

  4. What a great time! That's so cool that the boys went fishing. What a great memory for them. And, yay on the shout out for the Disney tips! Glad yall had fun.