Thursday, September 13, 2012

First Day of School

The boys are more than a month into school and it's going great!  They both love their teacher, their class, and love everything about kindergarten.  The school is close by and we walk to school and back home every day together.  It's so cute to see them walking with the giant backpacks strapped to their backs.  Here are some pics from the first day:

Since football season is in full swing I have been busy sewing.  I have no less than three orders a day--and sometimes more.  It's been great to be so busy while the boys are at school.

Steve and I are off to see TCU play KU this Saturday.  I can't wait to see some purple in this town!  Now which sounds more ridiculous, Riff Ram (for TCU) or Rock Chalk (for KU)?  I don't really care who wins, it will just be fun to be at the game.  

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  1. Yay! She's back again. What a lovely path you have to walk on...what adorable children...what fun backpacks...What the hell were y'all doing a school a month ago?! Wow that's early! Did you say they are half day like Tucker? I just love sending him to that wonderland of learning and crafts and playtime...for however long it is. Glad you are so busy with your orders-treat yourself to some new boots and expensive jeans for fall!