Thursday, November 8, 2012

Drugstore Makeup

I've been hooked on a beauty blog, Makeup by Tiffany D.  She has some great makeup tutorials, she does an outfit of the day post, and posts about home decor.  She also does a drugstore makeup post, which inspired this post.

I've tried a few of her drugstore makeup recommendations and I'm throwing in some of my own.

My new cheap favorite makeup is Rimmel Stay Matte Powder.  I've been using Mac's Mineral powder FOREVER and just never thought to stray.  I tried this powder on a whim and really like it.  I honestly can't tell the difference between my $20+ Mac powder and this $5 powder.

Sticking with the Rimmel theme, I love their eyeshadow quads.  It's possible that I've included them in another blog post before.  They are crease free and cost around $5 as well.  My only gripe is that there are only a few shades available.  

And speaking of eyeshadows, I also love Revlon's Colorstay eyeshadows (not necessarily in the color palette below).  They are around $6 and they have so many different shades.  Currently I have about six Laura Mercier shadows and four or five Mac shadows.  They ALL crease after a few hours.  I wore this shadow all day and night yesterday and it didn't crease at all.  

I usually buy OPI or Essie nail polish ... I don't know why, I just always have.  Last Christmas I borrowed some polish from my niece and it was Sally Hansen.  I couldn't tell the difference between the SH polish and the polish I've been buying.  I picked up a few bottles when I got home and have been pleasantly surprised.  Yesterday I bought the Xtreme wear variety in a sparkly red and love it.  What else do I love?  The fact that it was $2.59 at Target.  

I've been working on finding a drugstore under eye concealer lately but have been striking out.  I'll report back if I have any success.  

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  1. Quite helpful tips here honey...will buy all of them. Your word is gospel. I am getting spoiled by all of your posts lately and so enjoy them. I love that you went to Napa. What a wonderful grown-up trip.