Monday, November 5, 2012


Halloween this year was so much fun!  I love now that the boys are older they really get into holidays--especially ones that involve candy.  We started our Halloween day at the Halloween party at school.  I helped out with the party, but was not responsible for all of these cute snacks. 

Landon dressed up as a blue ninja and Hudson was a green Power Ranger.  These were the second costumes I made for them.  The first ones I made out of white fabric and tried to dye blue and green.  It was a complete disaster.  I will never attempt to dye fabric again.  

Prior to trick-or-treating, we had several neighbors over for dinner.  We went with a fair food theme and had frito pie, white trash dip, and twinkies.  Landon snapped a picture of our costumes before everyone arrived.  I thought it was worth sharing.  

Then we had someone older than 5 take our picture. 

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!  Now on to Thanksgiving and Christmas...

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  1. Love the costumes. Must say, the grown up costumes are my fav. Very clever!